Booking Form: Chalet Platine


Lead Client                             _______________________


Address                                ________________________





                                                                                                Telephone no                           _______________________


Mobile no                               _______________________


E mail address                         _______________________ 


Period to be booked                   ___________________  


Names and ages of all in Party  1                                        age

                                                    2                                        age

3                                        age

4                                        age

5                                        age

6                                        age  


Estimated time (after 5pm please) and mode of arrival _____________________



I have read the booking conditions and by sending this form, I agree to them on behalf of myself and all members of my party. I confirm that I am over the age of 18 years old. I enclose a cheque for £______with this form being 20% of the cost of the rental, or request bank details and immediately upon receiving them will make an internet transfer of this amount to the bank account. Payment can be made in £ sterling or euros, at a rate to be agreed. 


The balance of the rental is due 6 weeks before the first date of the holiday, together with a surety deposit of £300 and the tourist tax payable. The deposit will be returned after it has been confirmed that the apartment is in good order and all keys have been left.


Cheques and form to be sent to:- 

Maggie Holliday, Old Tiles, Catts Hill, Mark Cross, East Sussex, TN6 3NH.


Alternatively please e mail booking form to, and request details of our sterling or euro bank account in order to remit deposit by internet banking or bank transfer. 


Booking Conditions

  1. No smoking in the apartment.
  2. No pets are allowed to enter the apartment.
  3. All skis should be kept in the lockable ski locker in the basement garage, and ski boots on the rack provided there also, not in the apartment.
  4. Slippers or other indoor shoes should be worn in the apartment, outdoor shoes to be left on the shoe rack inside the front door.
  5. Our local professional manager will ensure the apartment is clean and ready for occupation prior to your arrival. It should be kept clean during your stay.
  6. Only the number stated on the booking form shall stay in the apartment.
  7. The apartment must be vacated by 10 am, unless otherwise agreed, on the last day of the rental period by all members of the party. Prior to departure, all rubbish and perishable food should be removed from the apartment, including from the fridge and all kitchen equipment left in a clean state. The apartment will be cleaned after your departure, but if this takes more than the normal time allotted, the cost of any extra hours required will be deducted from the security deposit. Any breakages or damage should be reported at the end of your stay, so that these  may be rectified/replaced before the next Clients arrive. You are liable for the costs of so doing if these are material- these will be deducted first from the security deposit and any balance will be payable by you.
  8. The Client agrees not to act in any way which would cause disturbance to those resident in neighbouring properties.
  9. In the event of cancellation by the Client, the Owner will immediately attempt to relet the period concerned. The Client will remain liable to pay the balance of the rent, if any, but the Owner will refund the amount received from the new Client less any expenses or losses incurred.
  10.  Cancellation by the Owner of the rental would occur if the client defaults in the payment of the balance of the rental. Otherwise cancellation would only be in exceptional circumstances, or for reasons of “Force Majeure” which shall include irreparable (in time for your booked period) damage to the Property. In circumstances where the rental cannot be provided as booked (other than your non payment of the final balance), the Owner will return all monies paid but cannot accept responsibility for further financial loss incurred by the Client.
  11. The Client is strongly recommended to arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy (including cancellation cover) and to have full cover for the party’s personal belongings, public liability etc. since these are not covered by the Owner’s insurance.
  12. The Owner endeavours to maintain the apartment in a safe condition. The Client is requested that if they discover a possible hazard that they notify the Owner or our local manager as soon as possible so that it may be addressed. Your safety is of prime concern to the Owner, but is your responsibility. Thus care should be taken especially on the balcony, particularly when there are children in the party, and also when stepping into or out of the bath and shower, and when using any of the electrical appliances supplied. Ski boots should not be worn internally (other than the garage). It is forbidden to bring inflammable gases and liquids into the property.






















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